Create an Ad Buyers Will Respond To

Step-by-step advice from our experts on taking best advantage of all the selling tools has to offer. Maximize your listing for a quick sale at a fair price!

Once you're ready, you can list your classic in mere minutes.

Step 1: Add a minimum of 50 photos allows you to upload up to 100 photos, and we've found that the most effective listings have at least 50 photos. We recommend adding at least this many and keeping dozens of additional close-up photos for prospective buyers hungry to see more. Remember, your 24/7 access to your listing means that if you are pressed for time you can start with a few photos now and add more later as they become available.

Step 2: Link your walk-around video from YouTube

Upload the walk-around video you created to YouTube (ask your child, grandchild, niece or nephew to help out if necessary) and use the embed URL provided by YouTube to link the video to your listing. We'll reward your hard work by noting in search results that your listing includes a video clip!

Step 3: List all your car's options and data

When creating your listing, there are numerous fields asking about your vehicle's drivetrain and other equipment. Be sure to check off all that apply. If your vehicle is a pre-1981 model, enter the manufacturer's serial number for the chassis in the VIN field; otherwise, enter the VIN. If you have anything supplemental to say about any of the equipment (such as a disclosure that the odometer reading may not be accurate), be sure to mention it in your description.

Step 4: Write (and proofread) a great description

This is where all that research you did earlier pays off. Even though you may no longer be enthusiastic about your vehicle, rest assured that somewhere out there is someone who considers it their dream come true. Write your description for that person. Write in full sentences and avoid abbreviations (for example, air conditioning rather than A/C). Hearken way back to Mrs. Whipple's English class and write an essay she'd be proud to read, complete with proper capitalization, spelling, grammar, and so on. We give you virtually unlimited space to tell your vehicle's story, so make use of it.

Step 5: Respond to inquiries immediately

Great photos, a video clip and a full, rich description will attract both attention and inquiries from prospective buyers. Those inquiries will be sent to the email address you provided when you created your membership. It is crucial that you reply to inquiries in a timely manner, as most buyers contact multiple sellers when they are ready to purchase. Once you connect with a buyer and make the sale, let us know the good news by logging in to your dashboard and marking your listing as sold. We'll immediately mark your listing as sold and hide it so you don't receive any additional inquiries. If your deal falls through at the last minute, don't worry—just let us know and we'll put your vehicle back on the market in a jiffy.


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