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Help for Classic Car Sellers

What to Do Before Selling Your Classic Vehicle

Investing just a little time into research and gathering your car's paperwork can make a huge difference when selling a classic car or truck.

Create an Ad Buyers Will Respond To

Here are our best tips for creating a rich, highly informative listing that shows your car in its best light and draws buyers and gives them good reason to contact you.

How To Photograph a Classic Car

Practical advice on how to create photos that draw buyers' attention and properly document your car's condition.

Should Your Listing Include an Asking Price?

To price, or not to price? That is the question. Here's our answer.
Help for Classic Car Shoppers

Buying a Classic Car from a Private Seller

Many classic car shoppers prefer the tax and cost savings of buying from friends, family, fellow car club members, or even strangers. Here's what you need to know for a smooth transaction.

Buying a Classic Car from a Dealer

Dealers offer selection, safety and service in ways that individual private sellers simply can't. If you're interested in buying from a classic car dealer, here's your info.

Ten Questions To Ask the Seller of a Classic Car

These likely won't be your only questions, but they should be among your first questions.

How to Evaluate a Classic Car's Condition

An easy-to-follow guide to determining a classic vehicle's overall condition.

Five Classic Car Expenses to Prepare For

The purchase price is just the beginning! Consider these other expenses for a smooth and affordable ownership experience.

How To Prepare Your Garage for a Classic Car

If you want a classic car or truck, chances are you want to work on it. A safe and functional classic car workspace is easy to set up.

Transporting a Classic Car

Tips on finding, hiring and preparing your classic vehicle for professional vehicle transport.

Searching Locally vs. Nationwide for a Classic Car

Should you look locally or nationwide for your dream classic? If you ask us, you should....

Classic Car Insurance Options

Insuring a classic car isn't like insuring a late-model daily driver. Our guide points out the most important differences and many options available to you.